20 Jun 1620: Pernham, Richard, 1583-1638 (Elblag, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, (Royal Prussia) Poland) to Hartlib, Samuel, 1600-1662 (Brzeg, Opole Voivodeship, Poland)


20 June 1620
Calendar: Unknown.
(As Marked: Ergo DeVs exIs, VIr bone, en tIbI LItterVLaM)



Pernham, Richard, 1583-1638


Hartlib, Samuel, 1600-1662
Educational reformer and writer


Berg, Conrad, 1592-1642
Professor of theology, Bremen, 1634–1642

Berg, Johannes, 1587-1658
Court preacher at the court of Brandenburg; reformed theologian; son of Konrad Bergius [Conrad Berg] (1542-1592)

Junius, Franciscus, 1545-1602
French nobleman; Huguenot theologian; son-in-law of Emmanuel Tremellius (1510-80)

Lauban, Melchior, 1567-1633
Born in Sprottau, Silesia; Rektor in Brieg; Teacher of Samuel Hartlib; Abraham von Franckenberg; Cyprian Kinner

Scaliger, Joseph Justus, 1540-1609
French classical scholar



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  • Date from signature and chronogram
  • Destination: Lutheran, Reformed
  • Place of origin: Catholic, Lutheran, Reformed

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