Blencowe, Anne, 1656-1718


Alternative names
née Wallis
Titles or roles
compiler of recipes


Date of birth
4 June 1656
Date of death
5 April 1718

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ODNB entry

Child of

Wallis, John (Dr), 1616-1703
Mathematician and cryptographer; Savilian Professor of Geometry, University of Oxford; F.R.S.

Wallis, Susanna, 1622-1687
wife of John Wallis (1616-1703)

Unspecified relationship with

Blencowe, John (Sir), 1642-1726
judge and politician; serjeant-at-law; son-in-law of John Wallis (1616-1703); husband of Anne (Wallis) Blencowe (1656-1718)