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Name Letters Written Letters Received Letters Mentioning Further details
Ximenes, Ferdinand, fl. 1586-1589 - 6 - Alternative names: Ximenez, Ferdinando
Titles or roles: Bookseller in Cologne; follower of Barrefelt's religious sect; helped Christophe Plantin financially
Gender: male
Ximenes, Jacques, fl. 1586 - 1 - Alternative names: Ximenio, Jacobo
Gender: male
Ximenes, Leonardo, 1716-1786 1 - - Titles or roles: Jesuit mathematician, astronomer, and geographer; from Trapani, Sicily
Gender: male
Ximenius, Emmanuel, fl. 1586-1599 - 3 - Titles or roles: Correspondant of Lipsius
Gender: male
Ximénez, Francisco, 1600-1680 8 - - Alternative names: François Giliot; Franciscus Giliotus
Titles or roles: Jesuit missionary in Mexico
Gender: male
Xyste, Electus praelatus Saganesis 1 - - Gender: unknown