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Name Letters Written Letters Received Letters Mentioning Further details
Valencia, Legal Council of 2 1 - Alternative names: Los Jurados de Valencia
Titles or roles: corresponding with Juan Luis Vives, 1516–27
Veere, Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church in 1 - - Alternative names: Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church in Veere
Veere, council of the city of - 1 - Alternative names: council of Veere, Flushing
Veere, Magistracy of the town of, fl. 1573 1 - - Alternative names: Vere, Magistracy of the Town of; Der Vere, Magistracy of the Town of
Venetian nobility, fl. 1675 - 1 -
Venice, Doge, Senate and citizens of - 2 - Alternative names: Doge, senaat en inwoners van Venetië; Doge and rulers of Venice
Venice, Serenissimi Princepes. Fratres Augustissimi, fl. until 1649 - 1 - Alternative names: Unidentified individuals who conferred the Order of St Mark on Gerardus Joannes Vossius (1577-1649); 'Serenissimi Princepes Fratres Augustissimi'
Titles or roles: Venetians
Vernor, Hood & Sharpe - 17 - Alternative names: Messrs. Vernor & Hood; Messrs. Vernor, Hood & Sharpe; Vernor and Hood; Vernor & Hood; Vernor, Hood & Co.
Titles or roles: London booksellers, publishers, and stationers
Vice Dean and Prebendarys of Durham, fl. 1689 - 1 -
Vlissingen, Deacons and Masters of the Hospital in 1 - - Alternative names: Deacons and Masters of the Hospital in Vlissingen
Vlissingen, mayors and aldermen of 1 - - Alternative names: Burgemeesters en schepenen van Vlissingen
Vlissingen, municipality of - 3 - Alternative names: municipality of Vlissingen