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Name Letters Written Letters Received Letters Mentioning Further details
Unidentified archdeacons (n.d.) - 1 - Alternative names: Rev. and Dear Brother
Unidentified correspondents of Jan Amos Komenský, fl. 1663 - 1 - Alternative names: 'To brothers'; Unidentified correspondents of Comenius
Titles or roles: correspondents of Jan Amos Komenský (Comenius) 1592-1670
Unidentified correspondents of Michael, fl. 1788 - 3 - Alternative names: Mes Dames
Unidentified doctors and professors, fl. 1638 - 1 - Alternative names: Other named and unnamed doctors and professors
Titles or roles: Academic doctors and professors
Unidentified group (female), fl. 1671 - 1 - Alternative names: 'goede vriendinne'
Titles or roles: addressees of letter from Antoinette Bourignon
Unidentified group in Frisia, fl. 1670 - 1 - Titles or roles: Frisians; correspondents of Antoinette Bourignon
Unidentified joint-signatories with John Sudbury, fl. 1673 1 - - Alternative names: '5 others' with John Sudbury
Unidentified male recipients (group), fl. 1763 - 1 - Alternative names: Mr C., Mr W. and Co.
Unidentified male recipients (group) (n.d.) - 1 - Alternative names: Messieurs
Titles or roles: Male recipients of letters, group
Unidentified recipients, group, fl. 1645 - 1 - Alternative names: Domini Doctors et Patres
Unidentified recipients of J. Westerburch, fl. 1632 - 1 - Alternative names: 'Viri doctissimai et Fratris'
Unidentified recipients of testament to James Robertson, fl. 1711 - 1 - Alternative names: 'All whom it may Concern'
Titles or roles: recipients of testament to character of James Robertson, M.A. of Queen's College, Oxford
Unidentified schoolmasters, fl. until 1701 - 1 - Alternative names: The Schoolmasters
Titles or roles: Schoolmasters, possibly in Ireland
Unidentified Scotch officers, fl. 1646 1 - - Alternative names: 'Sundry Scotch Officers'
United Colonies of New England, Commissioners of the, fl. 1643-1686 13 16 - Alternative names: Commissioners of the United Colonies of New England
United Provinces, States General of the - 5 - Alternative names: États généraux des Provinces-Unies; Ordines confoederatarum provinciarum; the States General of the United Netherlands
United Provinces, Synod of the, fl. 1586-1596 2 2 - Alternative names: Legates of the Synod of the United Provinces; Synod of the United Provinces
Unity of Brethren, elders of the, fl. 1634-1635 2 - - Alternative names: Elders, Brethren; Elders of the Unity of Brethren
Unity of Brethren in Bohemia and Moravia, elders of, fl. 1614 1 - - Alternative names: Les Anciens des Eglises de Frères en Bohême et en Moravie; elders of the Unity of Brethren in Bohemia and Moravia
Unity of Brethren in Poland, elders of and representatives of Czech exiles, fl. 1634 1 - - Alternative names: Les Anciens des Eglises de Frères en Pologne et les représentants des émigrés tchèques
Unity of Brethren, Legates of the, fl. 1657 1 - - Alternative names: Legates of the Unity of Brethren
Unity of Brethren, representatives of the Czech exiles, fl. 1633 - 1 - Alternative names: Députés des Eglises de Frères, exilées de Bohème; Eglises de Freres; Eglises de Frères, Deputies of the exiled
Unity of Brethren, seniors and conseniors of the, fl. 1636 1 - - Alternative names: The Seniors and conseniors of the Unity of Brethren
Unity of Brethren, seniors and priests of the (fl. 1629) 2 - - Alternative names: Seniors and priests of the Unity of Brethren
Unity of Brethren, seniors of the, fl. 1633-1668 4 1 - Alternative names: The Seniors of the Unity of Brethren
Universities, The, fl. 1604 - 1 - Alternative names: The Universities
University College, Oxford, Friends of (fl. 1668-1674) - 1 - Alternative names: Friends of University College, Oxford
University College, Oxford, Master and fellows of (fl. 1668-1701) 1 3 - Alternative names: Master and fellows of University College, Oxford
University of Orange, chancellor, rector etc. of the - 1 -
University of St Andrews, through James Weymius, Orator and Vice-Chancellor (c.1603-1625) 1 - -
Unknown multiple individuals 5 20 - Alternative names: Unknown; Unidentified group (gender not specified); Unknown multiple individuals, no gender specified; Unknown multiple authors or recipients
Upper Austria, Government of - 1 - Alternative names: Government of Upper Austria
Upper Palatinate, Ministers of the, fl. 1626-1631 24 15 - Alternative names: Ministers of the Upper Palatinate
Utrecht Academy, Theologians and professors of the, fl. 1662 - 1 -
Utrecht, Burgomasters of - 1 - Alternative names: The Burgomasters of Utrecht
Utrecht, Church council 1 - - Alternative names: Kerkeraad Utrecht
Utrecht, city of, fl. 1587 1 - -
Utrecht, Classis of, fl. 1627 1 - - Alternative names: Classis of Utrecht
Utrecht, States of 1 - - Alternative names: States of Utrecht
Utrecht, town council of - 3 - Alternative names: Utrecht, Vroedschap; Utrecht, Bestuur; Town council, Utrecht; Utrecht (Council)