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Name Letters Written Letters Received Letters Mentioning Further details
IJsselmonde, Consistory of the Reformed Church in, fl. 1574 1 - -
Ipswich, Dutch community in, fl. 1572 3 - -
Ireland, Archbishops of - 1 - Alternative names: Archbishops of Ireland
Ireland, Bishops of - 1 - Alternative names: Bishops of Ireland; Irish bishops
Ireland, Council of, fl. 1629-1646 3 - - Alternative names: Lord Lieutenant and Council of Ireland; Council of Ireland; The King's Council in Ireland; Butler
Ireland, Leading men, clergy, and catholics of the Kingdom of, fl. 1666 - 2 - Alternative names: The leading Clergy and Catholics of the Kingdom of Ireland; The Leading Men, Clergy, and Catholics of the Kingdom of Ireland
Ireland, Lord Justices of 1 - - Alternative names: The Lord Justices of Ireland
Ireland, Most eminent men, clerics, and catholics of the kingdom of, fl. 1666 - 1 - Alternative names: The most eminent men, clerics and Catholics of the Kingdom of Ireland
Isle of Wight, Deputy Governor, fl. 1643-1644 2 - - Alternative names: Deputy Governor and Deputy Lieutenants of the Isle of Wight; Wight, Isle of, Deputy Governor and Deputy Lieutenants of
Isle of Wight, Deputy Lieutenants of, fl. 1643-1644 3 - -
Italian Refugee Churches in England, fl. 1573 - 1 - Alternative names: England, Italian Refugee Churches in