Note: every manifestation of a letter is counted, so the number of documents in a repository may be larger than the number of letters.

Repository Number of documents Further details
Lambeth Palace Library 217 City: London
Country: England, United Kingdom
Landesarchiv Sachsen-Anhalt 24 City: Dessau
Country: Germany
Landesarchiv Sachsen-Anhalt - Alternative names for repository: Zentrales Staatsarchiv Merseburg
City: Merseburg
Country: Germany
Landesarchiv Schleswig-Holstein 7 Alternative names for repository: The State Archives, Schleswig-Holstein
City: Schleswig
Alternative names for city: Slesvig Sleeswijk
Country: Germany
Les collections patrimoniales de la Bibliothèque Universitaire 4 Alternative names for repository: Ecole de Médecin
City: Montpellier
Country: France
Leuven University Library - Alternative names for repository: Library of the Catholic University of Leuven
City: Leuven
Country: Belgium
Library of Congress 1 City: Washington D.C.
Country: United States of America
Library of the University of Stanford 1 City: Stanford, CA
Country: United States of America
Lietuvos Mokslu Akademija 1 City: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania
Lincoln's Inn Library 6 City: London
Country: England, United Kingdom
Linköpings stadsbibliotek/Stiftsbiblioteket 2 Alternative names for repository: Linkopings stadsbibliotek/Stiftsbiblioteket
City: Linköping
Country: Sweden
Litchfield Cathedral Library 1 City: Litchfield
Country: England, United Kingdom
London Metropolitan Archives 13 Alternative names for repository: Greater London Record Office [until 1977]
City: London
Country: England, United Kingdom
Longleat House Library and Archives 92 City: Wiltshire
Country: England